Powering Our Modular Pumped Storage,
Enabling the Zero-Carbon Grid
Future Modular Pumped Storage Enabling the Zero-Carbon Power Grid

Quidnet's breakthrough energy storage technology is enabling the zero-carbon grid.

Quidnet operates at the nexus of energy and water to enable predictable delivery of power from intermittent sources and large-scale deployment of renewable energy. Our breakthrough energy technology uses existing natural resources to store renewable energy over long durations and in large quantities. This drives down large-scale electric grid storage costs to half that of traditional pumped hydro storage and enables widescale deployment of renewable energy across the power grid

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The Quidnet solution has significant advantages over other long-duration storage technologies

Structural Cost Advantage
< 50% capex of battery & pumped hydro
Broad Geological Footprint
100+ TWh mapped across multiple US basins
Modular, long-duration storage
1-10 MW per well, 10+ hours
Active Projects
Hours of Storage
TWh Mapped

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