Powering the carbon-free electric grid.


Terrain-independent and cost-effective


Quidnet Energy pioneered a novel form of pumped hydro that is widely deployable at very low cost called Geomechanical Pumped Storage. Leveraging mature oil & gas technology, wells are converted into energy storage facilities for large-scale renewables integration and grid management.

These facilities are:



Pumped hydro electricity storage without need for mountains, lakes, or pre-existing underground caverns.



Structural cost advantage, with lower per-MW installed costs than even gas peaking plants. 



Key process equipment provided and serviced by mature suppliers from well-established industries.



5 - 20 MW modular configurations for flexible and precise deployment onto the grid. 


How does it work? 

Water is pumped down the well to apply pressure to a body of rock, and in doing so, store energy in the compression of the rock.

When it is time to discharge back onto the grid, the compression in the rock is released, which pushes the water back up the well and through a turbine to generate electricity.

The entire system is built on conventional reservoir technology and with off-the-shelf water turbine-generator equipment. Facilities operate with closed-loop water systems, designed for conservation against evaporative loss, and regularly treated with disinfectants.

The energy-storing rock bodies are non-petroleum bearing and found abundantly throughout the world, intersecting with major electricity transmission and distribution hubs.